June 2017

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Open(Class1)    Sport(Kingposted)

Rigid(Class5)             Swift(Class2)

Our 3rd year! We had great turnout last year, thanks to all who attended and helped. This year we plan to fly 5 days over the July 4th week. We will be flying from the Albertus Airport in Freeport, IL. A large airport in a town which is excited to have us. A different (and huge) slice of the fields of the midwest will open up for us. Freport is 30 minutes west of Rockford,IL. We are flying 5 days over the July 4th week. We will post here, more info on the town, accomodations, and nearby activites, in the coming weeks.

Meet Purpose

To have a safe, fair and fun hang gliding competition. We hope to draw a lot of new pilots into the competition family and have the meet in the best of the season’s flying conditions. . We plan a cross country competition where there will be "race to goal" tasks. Education to elevate pilot skills is a key principal.

We are expanding our plan. Last year we had 25 competitors. This year we will again make this an internatioinal competition for up to 45 pilots. We will reserve 11 spots for foreign competitors until June 2, 2012. If there are less, after that date any domestic pilots on the waiting list will be allowed to compete. We will have aerotow capabilities in line with the number of pilots who compete. We will support Open, Sport Rigid and Swift divisions in scoring.

We anticipate world class competitors, as well as regional pilots who have done significant competition whom we hope to have fly in the comp, so we hope for a good mix.

We plan to request wprs world ranking again, (which includes sport class pilots!) so we are encouraging everyone to get their Sporting License. This can be obtained by US pilots for $39.00 from the NAA (here).

There will be an awards dinner at the conclusion of the competition. We plan for $2000.00 in Prizes and also trophies. We will have commemorative T-shirts.

Further information is on this web site and will be added as it becomes available.  i.e. turn-point files, camping facilities and fees, etc. Once you register we will email you updates as the are made available.

If you have ANY questions, drop us a note, or REGISTER to fly at the top of this page!



Email us at info@midwesthgcomp.org